About this site...

This site was created because I've had a passion for Lake Michigan diving and shipwrecks since I was knee-high to a pony bottle. I started diving at 14 and worked my way up to Master Diver Trainer and IDC assistant. After 25 years diving, jaw problems ended my SCUBA days. At least the web allows me to continue this interestby proxy.

When I heard Captain Gentile at Windy City Diving was working on adding a new shipwreck to the collection that litter the bottom of Lake Michigan, I thought it would be a great opportunity to complete a long time goal - shoot a complete virtual of a Lake Michigan shipwreck, both above and below the water.

Over a two day period I shot 18 360x180 degree panoramic images. A Divemaster friend, Jason, assisted. Carrying the gear, lighting the interior, "painting with light" for time exposures and helping with the setup required the two of us.

I swear Jason was drooling, just waiting to shoot the ship once it became a wreck. Well, honestly, it was already a wreck, just above the water (although it did sink a couple of times at the dock. We'll call that pactice.)

So I shot the above water photos, and Jason shot the underwater photos. That's an entire project in itself - we're doing tours of all the Chicagoland dive sites! Check it out at DigitalDivemaster.com

So if you want to see a complete virtual tour of the Buccaneer, shot from above and beneath the waves, here's the only place you'll find it. Fully interactive, immersive images, 360x180 degree panoramic images. It's a Scuba Diver's delight!

Where else will you find complete, interactive, underwater virtual tour with 360x180 degree immersive (pun intended) images?!